What We Do

LDC Group provides management consultancy to government and health and community services. We have 30 years of field experience and we understand the human services system, its people and its values. The focus of our work is on improving the way services and supports are provided to people and communities.

What we do

We support organisations and sectors to:

  • Undergo change and transformation
  • Build knowledge
  • Cultivate innovation
  • Design systems to monitor and measure outcomes
  • Plan creatively for the future
  • Implement continuous quality improvement systems and practices
  • Create processes, tools and resources to engage key stakeholders

Most importantly, we offer our personal energy and commitment, and a desire to make a positive difference to the people we work with.

The focus of our work is to:

  • Improve the business systems, organisational structures and policies that underpin effective service delivery
  • Design and evaluate services and programs to ensure they are responsive to peoples’ needs
  • Design and review quality systems to drive continuous quality improvement in organisations and sectors
  • Provide direction and support to organisations undergoing transition and transformation
  • Undertake practice informed research that contributes to policy reform and improved service delivery